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Downloads Demos

These demos of our educational software for Latin are available for downloading and running at no charge. Be sure to choose the correct version for your computer type.  See notes below about file types and plug-ins needed to run the web-based demos.

 Title & Computer Type  Size  Filename  Notes
 Latin Flash Drill 4.6--Win  3.9 M  demolfdw.zip  
 Latin Flash Drill 4.6--Mac OS X  6.9 M  demolfda.zip  
 Latin Vocab Drill 4.6--Win  3.7 M  demolvdw.zip  
 Latin Vocab Drill 4.6--Mac OS X  6.6 M  demolvda.zip  


1)   Click once on the program link to download. 

2)   If the downloaded file is not automatically 'unzipped' by your computer (sometimes after double-clicking to run) into a normal program folder, click here to download the free Stuff-It Expander for either platform.

3)   Open the program folder (double-click or right-click menu), and start the main program file by double-clicking. NOTE for users of Windows 8/10 or Mac OS X 10.9 and newer operating systems: You may run into an error message when you try to run the program, telling you that it is from an unidentitfied developer. In Windows, you can click on the More Info button, and it will give you the option to accept the downloaded program as secure for future use. In Mac OS X, you can hold the Control key ('ctrl') down when you click on the program file to get a menu, then choose 'Open', which will accept the program for future use, so that the next time you double-click on the program (and thereafter), it will allow you to open it alright.