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Roman Technology
Roman Technology 4 is the latest upgrade to J-PROGS’ very first--and very popular--program on the most important technical innovations from Roman times. 3-D animations provide a detailed look at how arches, grinders, baths, aqueducts, pumps, and sundials actually worked. All models and illustrations have been based on primary sources. New photos of sites and artifacts from all over Europe have also been added. The program assumes no prior knowledge and is appropriate for students aged 10-17. Content has been chosen for its relevance to both the modern and ancient worlds. There are 8 sections in all, each with its own quiz to provide accountability for students’ work. The 250+ original photos used within the program are also provided separately in JPEG format for teacher and student use in presentations or web pages. (Some copyright restrictions apply. © 2004 J-PROGS)         Reviews
System requirements: Win 7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX, 32MB RAM, networkable
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