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Rome the Eternal City
Rome the Eternal City presents a glorious array of monuments and sites with over 800 original photos covering ancient, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. The 'Main Sites' section features the Colosseum, Forum, Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli, Ostia, Palatine Hill, Pantheon and St. Peter’s. Each has its own index and offers a narrated tour. 'Classical Sites' includes 36 locations, and 'Later Sites' has details on major churches, museums, and landmarks. There is also a selection of the city’s most beautiful fountains and a 'Census of Rome', which has entries on most Roman emperors and other leading figures in its history, along with a timeline. (© 2004 J-PROGS)         Reviews         Demos         Licenses
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Rome Photo Collection has many of the same images and then some (over 1000 total) in high-quality 1200-pixel JPEG format, so that they can be used for presentations, web sites, and classwork. (Some copyright restrictions apply--site license only.)
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