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  • Latin Alive brings the culture of ancient Rome to life: Animals & Nature, Historical Overview, Houses, Maps, Numbers, Rome, Words & Phrases. (7 quizzes; compatible with National Latin Exam)
  • Roman Gods covers a wide range of topics on ancient religions: Christianity, Eastern Gods, Minor Gods, Myths, Olympians, Temples.(6 quizzes)
  • Roman Life uses several ancient sites to illustrate major themes of daily life: Art, Daily Life, Death, Leisure, Public Buildings, Shops & Trade, and Streets & Towns. (7 quizzes; compatible with National Latin Exam)
  • Roman Britain describes the relevant archaeological sites: The Occupation, The Army in Britain, Romanisation, Personalities, Hadrian’s Wall, Site Catalogue. (6 quizzes)
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Romana Photo C contains more than 1000 high-quality JPEG images used in the making of the 4 programs in the Romana bundle. All J-PROGS photo CDs are designed as digital slide collections, to be easily used in presentations, handouts, or web sites. (Some copyright restrictions apply--site license only.)
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