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Pompeii provides a wonderfully rich virtual tour of that favorite example of a once-thriving, ancient Roman town. Section headings include: Contexts (background, destruction, archaeology), Focal Points (forum, theaters, amphitheater), Buildings, Houses, and Art. Quizzes throughout can keep track of student comprehension of the material presented, and scores can be recorded for accountability. (© 2006 J-PROGS)         Reviews
System requirements: Win 8/7/Vista/XP, 32MB RAM, networkable
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Pompeii Photo Collection contains more than 900 high-quality JPEG images used in the making of the Pompeii program (above), thoroughly covering all aspects of that well-preserved Roman town. All J-PROGS photo CDs are designed as digital slide collections, to be easily used in presentations, handouts, or web sites. (Some copyright restrictions apply--site license only.)
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