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Latina 4.6 is the latest release of our flagship software, used in thousands of schools around the world for over 25 years. It is a complementary pair of programs that covers all the basics for an elementary or intermediate Latin student. Latin Flash Drill provides practice in declensions and conjugations, while Latin Vocab Drill offers convenient vocabulary drills. Both programs have modules correlated to most Latin textbooks, as well as a "General," non-text-specific one. For more info on each program, use the blue title links above or the Order/Catalog links on the left. The single Latina installer CD (an optional purchase) can install any and all Latina modules, once those module licenses are purchased separately. (© 2011 Rob Latousek) Reviews

Latin Flash Drill screen shot Latin Vocab Drill screen shot
System requirements: Win 7Vista/XP or Mac OS X, 32MB RAM, 5MB on hard drive per module, networkable
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