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 Latin Flash Drill  forms drills; various textbook modules
 Latin Vocab Drill  vocabulary drills; many textbook modules
 Latina  "umbrella" name for all LFD & LVD modules
 Aeneas  Aeneid synopsis in English & Latin with hypertext
 Easy Latin Puzzles  variety of printed puzzles for beginning Latin
 Greek Gods  introduction to Greek mythology
 Hellenika Photo Collection  collection of 1000+ images of Greek sites
 Hispania Photo Collection  1000+ images of Roman & Greek sites in Spain
 Horace Trail  tour of Horace's lifelong travels & references
 Latin Alive  cultural introduction, compatible with NLE
 Pompeii  tour of the best preserved Roman town site
 Pompeii Photo Collection  900+ JPEG images from the Pompeii site
 Roman Africa  Roman archaelogical sites/museums in Tunisia
 Roman Britain  major Roman archaelogical sites in Britain
 Roman Gods  introduction to Roman mythology
 Roman Life  Pompeii & Herculaneum photos with captions
 Roman Technology  eight animated ancient innovations explained
 Romana Photo Collection  collection of 1000+ images from Romana progs
 Rome the Eternal City  guided tour of landmarks with 800+ photos
 Rome Photo Collection  collection of 1000+ JPEG images of the city
 Two Greek Myths  animated story-telling with archaeological sites